8 Quick Decluttering Tips

We all want more time to enjoy the summer and who doesn’t want a clean, clutter free, organized house? Most of us have pets or children and sometimes it’s a challenge to keep it a tranquil environment. Here are 8 tips to help you have a restful and relaxing summer!

• Make your bed

There’s nothing like feeling a sense of accomplishment first thing in the morning and going to bed to a cozy looking bed.

• Squeegee your shower glass and hang up wet towels

This helps speed up cleaning time and leaves you with sparkly spot free glass for the rest of the day. It’s recommended to hang your towels using the full length of the towel rack. This keeps it fresh longer as it will dry quickly and evenly. Added bonus is this also lowers laundry days.

• Put away toiletries and wipe the counter

Once you get into the habit of doing this after your morning and evening routines, you’ll be able to do this in just a few minutes. This makes a big difference in your mental clarity. A cluttered space is a cluttered mind. Using a clean bathroom will not only bring you joy but speeds up cleaning time later.

• Load coffee cups, bowls and dishes

Make a habit everyday of doing this task right away so you don’t have a clutter build up. If you can load or clean dishes as you cook, you’ll thank yourself later for not having such a big job to tackle. If you have a load in the wash or you need to unload the dishes, rinse off the dishes and stack them in the sink until you can

• Wipe crumbs off your counters and tables

Complete a table and counter wipe off before you leave the kitchen each day. This only takes a few seconds but really helps keep a clean kitchen.

• Clean up clutter left around rooms

At the end of everyday take 5 mins to fold blankets, pick up clutter, and put it back in its home. A tip for collecting clutter is have a designated clutter bin you can quickly fill and unload. The dollar store has some small laundry baskets I like to use! This way you’ll wake up to a clutter free home and you’ll have more time to savor that morning coffee.

• Check floors

Check the floors in the main rooms of your house. Do they need a quick sweep or vacuum? Take a few mins to tackle this before dinner or before bed. Not feeling crumbs all over the floor is much more relaxing then letting it build up and then not wanting to even do it.

• Put Laundry away

A good rule of thumb to keep up with the endless laundry is do a load each day and put it away in the evening. You’ll thank me later when you don’t have 10 mountains of clothes to tackle on the weekend haha.

Exterior Projects for Max Curb Appeal

1. Pressure wash your house

This is a quick way to add some extra sparkle to your house, driveway, and sidewalks. Getting rid of the dirt build up will look so good neighbors will be wondering if you repainted! Just be careful not to use to much pressure so you don’t damage your siding or painted areas on the house.

2. Add bold numbers

A small change with a big pay off! Get creative and stand out.

3. Frame the entrance with lush containers

Adding pots to frame the entrace brings the eyes towards to front door. This also adds extra dimensions to the front of the house. Also, who doesn’t love a good pop of color?

4. Paint the front door, porch, shutters or trim

Not only does this show you care about your home but it will stand out from the other homes who haven’t done this yet. You might also be board and want to add a pop of color. While it is recommended to stay to a neutral palet when selling, bright door colors are in!

5. Update the front path

Get away from the basic cemente pathways and go for something to enhance the architecture of your home. Some ideas include a rustic flagstone, brick or modern poured concrete. If you’re not sure how to do this on your own, hire a professional landscaper!

6. The right finishing touches

This includes the mailbox, door hardware and lighting. You’ll want to ensure that they work together to underline your homes architectural style. When everything works together in harmony, it gives an oh so satisfying look. A look buyers can’t resist.

7. Revamp or replace the porch

Since this is the first thing visitors will see and you probably spend a good amount of time, you’ll want this location in top condition. If you have an older home, it might be time to replace it entirely since boards will start rotting. It’s always a good idea to hire a licensed contractor for this type of work so you can meet all codes.

8. Have a landscaping plan

There’s so much more to a good landscaping plan then running to the nearest store and picking up shrubs. A well designed plan considers lighting, wind and water runoff, the style of your home, the character of the neighbourhood, and your personal preferences. If you’re not ready to commit to a professional landscaper, getting a site plan may be just what you need. Getting a site plan will give you the ability to finish projects yourself and hire out work if needed.

9. Trim shrubs and trees

If you already have a landscaped yard, keeping your shrubs and trees maintained adds a clean and detailed look to the yard. When maintaining trees it’s ideal to remove any branches that would get in the way of walking under the tree without bending over.

10. Install new garage doors

This area is front and center for all guests to see. If your door is outdated, this will impact your homes curb appeal or lack thereof. If the weather where you live permits, try out one of the new trendy glass doors!

Take the stress out of preparing to sell your home with these easy staging tips!

  1. First Impressions

What do buyers see as they come up to your home? Take a look outside. Keep it inviting by having your walk way clear of clutter, your trees and shrubs trimmed, and your lawn mowed. What season is it? Having seasonal flower pots is a great way to add colour to your walkway and steps. Freshly painted doors and steps are a great way to update without breaking the bank.

  1. Clean

It might seem like common sense but it’s easy to skip a step when you’re used to your own home. Take sometime to yourself and hire a cleaning company if you don’t like to clean. Having sparkling appliances, clean cupboards inside and out, and crisp baseboards is a sure way to leave a lasting impression on buyers.

  1. Declutter

This helps speed up the packing process by helping you decide what you want to keep or what you could live without.

  1. Paint

Keep it to neutral colours. We all love trying bright colours in our homes but most buyers have a hard time seeing their own items fitting in. Avoid dark colours in small rooms to keep it from looking even smaller.

  1. Depersonalize

You may love all your family photos but it is hard for buyers to envision themselves in your home with to many personal items. 

  1. Details 

Fresh towels in the bathroom or flowers in the kitchen go a long way. Does anything need replacing or fixing? Replace any burnt out light bulbs and leaky faucets.

Don’t get so carried away with prepping your home that you forget why you’re doing this; to get more money! When doing the updates ask yourself, will this make my home more desirable to buyers or will this increase the value of my home more than it costs me to do it?
Looking to sell and want more information on how to get you and your home ready for the market? Email me for my sellers guide!

Making sense of the new mortgage rules

There has been a lot of confusion on the new mortgage rules with clients thinking they will need more than 20% down. Here is some Clarification on what Down Payment is needed for different Circumstances.

5% Down Payment

Can be used for:

  1. First Time Home Buyers
  2. New to Canada Clients with 2 Credit Sources for previous 12 months OR a Strong Credit File (Can be Gifted)
  3. Vacation Home – 4 Season Home with Year round access (Type A Property)
  4. Second Home – Owner Occupied or for an immediate family member (Child, Parent)
  5. Purchase Plus Improvements – if Owner Occupied
  6. Construction Builds – Progress Advances

10% Down Payment

Can be used for:

  1. Stated Income Clients with 2 Years History of Self Employment
  2. New to Canada Clients with Less than 1 Year History with 6 Months Bank Statements (5% of the Down Payment must be own Funds)
  3. Vacation Home – 3 Season (Type B Property)

20% Down Payment

Can be used for:

  1. Conventional Mortgages with NO Lender Insurance Premiums
  2. Rental Properties
  3. Self Employed Clients with Less than 2 Year History
  4. Stated Income Clients with less than 2 Year History
  5. Clients that do not meet the Minimum Equifax Beacon Requirements

Special Conditions:

  1. Foreign Funds need to be sitting in a Canadian Bank Account Varying from – Proof of Deposit to 90 days (Depending on the Lender)
  2. Funds are not accepted from all Countries due to Sanctions
  3. Some Lenders still allow Borrowed Down Payments (Flex Down)
  4. Gifted Funds from Immediate Family Members are Allowed

Lenders all have Different Rules when it comes to what they will accept for Down Payments. If you are having a hard time deciding to use a mortgage broker or a bank talk to your realtor!

Infomation kindly provided by Eva Neufeld from the Mortgage Tailers.